​​Randy's Vision.

1.) ​I will be a Full Time Board Member, which will enable me to be                       communicative with all the schools, parents and community. 

      This will also allow me the time to prepare properly for all of the                   meetings and review all of the items on the agenda. This position   should only be a Full Time position.

2.) The morale of the teachers is at an all time low, due to lack of respect         from both the district and the students due to the non enforcement of       our district's discipline policy. I will ensure the policy is followed and           that the respect is returned to the classrooms. Indian River County's           teachers are the heart of this district. My door will always be open to         hear their concerns. We need to let the teachers actually teach, without teaching only to the test.

3.) ​The School Board has repeatedly failed to complete its fiscal                           responsibilities. If you elect me to the the board, I promise to put an           end to these failures.

4.) ​As your board member, I will work to achieve peace between the                  Charter Schools and our School District. I support our local charter schools, as they are outperforming our traditional schools.

5.) The Exceptional Student Education Department is understaffed and             underfunded. As your board member I will make sure that the ESE               Program has what it needs to supply the growing ESE Student                         population the education they need for a bright future. All students             deserve an equal education.

​6.) The District and The School Board have wasted a tremendous amount of our taxpayer money by not complying with the Desegregation Order.  We are 1 of 4 districts in Florida that is not in compliance. This needs to be fixed immediately.

​7.) I have a 12 year old son who is in 6th grade.  This, along with teaching 5th grade Math for 2 years, has kept me in touch with the everyday classroom activities.

​8.) All of the Superintendent's personnel changes, will be carefully reviewed to ensure that they are in the best interest of our students.

​9.) The disparity between the low performing schools and the high performing schools needs to be fixed. I will be focusing on closing the gap between them.

10.) I will open up the public input portion of the meetings to allow  interaction between the board members and the speakers to include responses from the board members.

11.) We need to put an end to Common Core  forever.

12.) Board Members need to be held accountable for the progress of our schools. We can achieve this by assigning each Board Member the schools in their district. This will give the schools and the community a specific Board Member for each school and thus ensuring accountability to the school district.

13.) I will stop Bullying in our schools, once and forever.

14.) The School Board voted to only have "ONE" meeting a month! I will move to have at least two, if not three meetings a month.


16.) I will Scrutinize the Performance of the Superintendent.